Health Problems of Civilization



Pope John Paul II State School of Higher Education in Biała Podlaska  has been issuing the scientific journal „Health Problems of Civilization” since 2007, initially under the name "Scientific Dissertations", subsequently between 2010-2013 – "Human and Health". The journal evolved in terms of frequency from an annual, through semi-annual to ultimately becoming a quarterly. In the course of time the graphic design also changed, editing principles were improved and ethics standards were implemented.

Since 2014 we have been publishing works exclusively in English broadening through this the group of authors and including the scientists from foreign scientific centres.

We constantly develop the group of our foreign reviewers as well as the composition of the scientific council of the journal; we have also invited the scientists from Europe, Africa, North America and Asia to join this circle. We proudly inform that in the new 2015 year scientists from Kazakhstan, Canada, Romania and Georgia joined this team. 

In the effort to continuously improve the formula of the journal we are planning an introduction of some key changes in 2016, starting with a new internet website and an online editorial panel, through which authors will be able to submit their articles. Guidelines for authors and a graphic design of the front page of articles will also be subject to changes. We are introducing new thematic sections: Diseases and problems distinguished by WHO and FAO; Physical activity of social and professional groups; Varia. The journal will be issuing articles of the following nature:  original scientific articles, review articles, case studies. Introduction of title, summary and keywords within the articles in Polish language will also be an additional novelty.

The journal is at present listed within the following bases: Index Copernicus (ICV 2014: 7.55), MNiSW (B list, 8 points), AGRO, ProQuest, Polska Bibliografia Medyczna, WorldCat. We are working towards including the journal to some further, key bases.

We wish to thank for your interest with our journal so far and encourage further cooperation.


professor JózefBergier